Toy Tips

Please follow the below tips to ensure you get the most out of your toy:


  • Always ensure your toy is absolutely clean and sanitised before using it. It is recommended to use antibacterial toy cleaners before and after use of your vibrator.
  • Due to the risk of infection, you should ALWAYS clean your toy thoroughly with a specific toy cleaner before using on a different body part.

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  • Do not use your vibrator on any swollen, sore or lacerated skin.
  • DO NOT use Oil and Vaseline on your toy. These types of organic lubricants ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with toys, and can also cause damage to latex materials including condoms when in contact. Water or Silicone based lubricants are only recommended for maximum pleasure.

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  • Only waterproof toys should be used in the shower or bath, and always ensure its cover is TIGHTLY secured before immersing in water. Water resistant toys are not water tight, and should never be fully immersed in any liquid.
  • Prolonged use of your toy may cause engine failure due to overheating.
  • Remember to remove the batteries from your toy when not in use.
  • We advise you to keep your toys made from jelly, and other lifelike materials separate from each other and from latex rubber toys. Keeping Jelly toys in contact with one another may cause the colours to bleed, and will lead to the deterioration of the toy sheaf.
  • Sex Toys manufactured from special substances such as Jel-Lee, Loveclone, Cyberskin and related materials require the use of talcum powder to maintain their skin. Following the use of these toys, please wash your toy, and let it to air dry completely and coat all surfaces with talcum or regular cornflour, this will help keep the sheaf lifelike and ready to use.
  • Never leave your toy on when not in use.
  • Always remove the batteries from your toy when finished with its use, the batteries will last longer and so will the toy.
  • Low quality and rechargeable Non-Alkaline batteries should not be used in your toy, they generally do not provide enough power and risk leaking when under stress.

Power Supply

  • Many of our toys now come with a built-in rechargeable battery that will never need replacing. These lithium batteries are long lasting (up to 4 hours use time) and are able to be quickly recharged over one thousand times without degradation.
  • Although many of our toys are rechargeable, there are still many that require replaceable batteries. High current Alkaline batteries such as Duracell, Energizer and some rechargeable types with are NOT SUITABLE to be used in regular sex toys. Batteries with a high current output can have a tendency to burn out a vibrator’s motor. It is therefore advisable to use only Extra Heavy Duty batteries in most vibrators to ensure their natural lifespan.
  • High quality batteries such as Energizer should, however, be used in high-end products such as those from California Exotics, Swan and Doc Johnson. These products generally have a more powerful motor and subsequently a high drain capacity, using a good quality battery in these cases will provide you with more intense longer lasting use.
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