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Here at Simply Vibrators we have made a decision to specialise in a particular type of product, vibrators and those accessories which complement them (such as lubricants and cleaners). We have chosen to do this because the world of adult toys has become so large that consumers are often overwhelmed by the huge variety of product.

In addition to this we strive to maintain an online shopping environment which is pleasant and comfortable. Many of our customers are women who do not wish to be bombarded with images of scantily clad women on the verge of orgasm. We give our consumers a little more credit than this. Vibrators have well and truly entered the 21st century and they are now slick and sophisticated, much like the people who are buying them.

We do not sell DVD’s or any pornographic material, our products are about women and couples enjoying themselves, not about exploitation. We hope that this has led to the development of a site where you can find what you want easily in a pleasurable way.


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Simply Vibrators Team

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