Why are there so many sex toys called Nirvana? - And will they really take me there

I have been wondering recently about the different names of sex toys and how they are chosen. My interest was sparked when I received some promotional material for yet another Nirvana vibrator. I think the amount of sex toys called Nirvana (or Nivana as one company has chosen to spell it) must now be well into double figures. There is nothing wrong with calling your product by this name, I am just surprised that people continue to do so.

I have been researching the actual meaning of the word Nirvana and it seems that there are many definitions. While some assume that it a heaven like or a blissful state it appears that in Buddhism it refers to the ultimate state of enlightenment. Now I am sure that many of the vibrators out there provide a myriad of pleasures I am just not sure that they will assist in the achievement of being at one with the universe.

It also seems a little ironic that the Buddhist state which is achieved by only very few over a lifetime can be yours in just a few minutes just as long as the batteries are charged.

And it is not just Nirvana which can be yours for the low cost of $69.95 (postage and handling not included), there is Euphoria, Bliss, Balance, Harmony, Mantra, Serenity, Ecstasy and Joy to be purchased.

I am not for a minute suggesting that any of these names should be changed I just find it interesting that such glorious euphemisms are used for sex toys, and in particular for sex toys aimed at women. Interesting that the marketing of toys is so gender specific, because while it is highly unlikely that you will find a male masturbation tool called Bliss, it is even more unlikely that you would find a female vibrator called ‘the fuck me silly masturbator”. Just like the porn industry it seems that women need subtle stimulation and gentle coaxing whereas men just need to be told that they are going to get fucked.

Or perhaps Nirvana is just a grunge band from the early 90’s.