Who Is Ben Wa And Why Do I Need His Balls - Let's Exercise Those Kegel Muscles and Pelvic Floor

Ok so for many women mention the words pelvic floor and they tend to get a little squeamish. This could just be because the reminder is enough for them to commence their 12 daily session of kegel exercises that they do religiously on the hour every hour, or it could be because they know that there are exercises that they should be doing they just never get around to it. Kind of like a Papsmear they know it is good for their general health it just seems to be a little too much trouble.

Well the bad news is that, yes those goody goody exercisers are right, we should all be doing the kegel thing, maybe not 12 time a day but at least three. But wait, there is good news - it is a lot less uncomfortable than a pap smear. In fact kegel excersises can be amazingly enjoyable, even orgasmic and this is where Ben Wa and his balls come into the picture.

You see many women think that bladder leakage is something that will never happen to them, they smirk at the ads on TV for Tena lady and assume that this is something that might (but only just) affect them when they are so riddled with dementia that they will most likely forget to go to the toilet anyway so why does it matter. Hmmm, then they have children. They go to the ante-natal classes and get the information but it is not until after they have actually given birth and realise that they can’t cough let alone sneeze without a slight well, let us just say loss of control.

What has this got to do with sex toys I hear you ask? Well here at SV we are not all about the toys we are about pleasure, fun and enjoyment, and lets face it even though it does not have much to do with sex you are not really having fun if you experience Niagra falls in your knickers every time you laugh.
Ben Wa balls are known under a variety of names, orgasm ball, kegel balls, pelvic floor exercisers, pleasure beads - but the basic idea is the same, you put them in and squeeze them hard. This can produce orgasm in some women (a lovely side effect I must say) however, their main benefit is that squeezing equals kegel exercises. And this can lead to much better control in a couple of areas - a heightened ability to grasp and squeeze onto various appendages during sex (which your partner will love) and the benefit which most will enjoy, the ability to laugh, sneeze, dance, jump etc without embarrassment.

If you are interested in products that can help with kegel exercises we have a great range from simple ben wa balls that can be worn at any time to the super charged Jopen Intensity which has been especially developed to deliver an electrical pulse right to the muscles.