Touch Me, Touch Me Now!

The feature product this month is the amazing We-Vibe Touch

So, I have to admit to this being my favourite toy, it is precise, powerful, easy to use and clean and boy does it get the job done. If there is a downside to using the Touch it is that things are usually over reasonably quickly. I guess that this can be a pro or con depending on where you are coming from (excuse the pun). And remember this is one person’s experience, as we all know everyone is different. But for me the We-Vibe Touch is my go to toy if and quick and easy orgasm is what I am after. And after having read many a review of this vibrator, it appears that I am not alone in this opinion.

Well that get the personal stuff over and done with, now I will tell you a little more about the vibrator. The most important feature of the Touch is that it has a killer motor. Vibrations tend to be described in two ways the first is deep and rumbly, while the second is surface and buzzy. Most people seem to prefer the deep and rumbly vibrations and the Touch is definitely a toy which delivers in this area.

The Touch is a basic toy when it comes to patterns and vibrations. It has a simple push button control at the base of the toy. You push this button once to turn the device on. If you wish to stop it at any time simply hold the button down for three seconds. This button also controls the eight different vibration patterns. The Touch does not have a memory so if you happen to turn the toy off on the 7th pattern when you turn it back on, it will begin from the first pattern all over again.

The patterns included on this toy are simple. The first four pushes of the button will take you through four straight sets of vibration. The only difference is that the vibrations get incrementally stronger with each press of the button. The next four patterns are described as tease (you get a few slow pulses and then a few quick ones, wave (the vibrations slowly get faster and stronger and then slower and weaker before repeating this pattern) pulse (pretty self-explanatory the vibrations are a pulse rather than a constant) and cha-cha (that’s right a cha-cha rhythm is experienced on this setting). And then you start all over again.

It is a little hard to describe the shape of this toy, so please have a look at the pictures included on the product page. The toy is almost an hour glass shape, it fits snugly in the palm of your hand and has a slight bend in the middle. It does curve gently to a slight tip at the end which can be used to pinpoint direct clitoral stimulation. The body is covered in smooth silicone, which means that the very tip of the Touch has a little give to it. If you press quite hard it will flex, but only a little.

The silicone has been upgraded in the new USB version. The original Touch (which is still available although not for much longer) had the same silicone covering as the original We-Vibe, it was very shiny and slick. The original had quite a bit of drag and you needed to be quite generous with the lubricant. The other downside was that the silicone was an absolute fluff and dust magnet. The new version has a silky yet matte silicone which is much easier to keep clean.

For those who may have had the original Touch, the other major change is the way the device is charged. Instead of the magnetic base which plugged into the wall there is now a rectangular shaped port which has a USB cable. This is a bit of a pain for those who prefer wall chargers, but if you have any of the newer smart phones or a tablet you should be able to place the USB cable straight into the wall charger that belongs to that product.
There is also a light which indicates when the battery is getting low. This allows you to charge in advance rather than have the Touch run out of charge while using it. In terms of charging the information from Standard Innovations states that a 90 minute charge should provide approximately 2 hours of play. I have found this timing to be pretty accurate.

Other notable features include the fact that the Touch is waterproof. The main benefits here are that it allows you to use it underwater as well as the fact that you can clean the unit fairly easily. You don’t have to use a toy cleaner, simply wash the toy with warm water and a good mild soap straight after each use.

In summery the We-vibe Touch is a fantastic external stimulator. Granted it is not one of the cheapest on the market but it does come with a warranty and it is incredible powerful. I have not come across many people who have been disappointed with this toy. So whether a first timer or an experienced user the Touch is a pretty safe option to include in your bag of tricks.