2014 was a great year for toys, there were some new releases as well as some upgrades of some old favourites. In no particular order we have compiled a list of the toys which have brought us pleasure this year.

 Tenga Iroha Minamo

Even if this wasn’t a sex toy the Minamo would bring pleasure because it is just so fun to squish between your fingers. This is a very new toy to Simply Vibrators (in fact we have only just introduced it to the website), but it is on our list just because it is such an amazing beginners toy. The vibrations are not the most powerful around but it is a great size, with quite a small tip which makes it a very comfortable option for many. The waves provide great pleasure for those sweet spots without being too rigid and bulky. Add to all of these great features the fact that it is waterproof, easily charged via a USB case and made of silky body safe silicone and you have a great toy. By the way did we mention that it was reallllly squishy.

Tenga Iroha Minamo - $159.00

blog size minamo

Palm Power Massager

We will admit that there have been some mixed reviews of this product, however, most of the feedback we have received has been positive and we think that this is a fantastic all over body massager that comes at a really reasonable price. The Palm Power is a mains powered sex toy which means that it is very powerful with rumbly vibrations, even on the low settings. The massager has a body safe cap made from silicone which can be removed and replaced with silicone massaging heads to provide different sensations. If you have not tried a wand before and want to give one a go without spending too much then this is a very good product to try. It has been one of our top sellers for the past 6 months and not without good reason.

Palm Power Massager - $89.95

swan-palm-power-1-blog size

We-Vibe Pleasure Collection

It was about time that the people at We-vibe did something about solo g-spot play (yes there is the thrill but it can be tricky to use, and the rocking motions required don’t suit everyone), and now they have! In fact not just the g-spot but also the p-spot.  There is a small plug which can be used for anal play if you choose, and a g-spot toy for internal stimulation.  Although if you read the review from Epiphora she has been using the  plug for clitoral stimulation and loving it, which just goes to show how versatile this collection is. If you are yet to purchase a Tango (which is a must have toy) then think about buying the whole collection, for the extra money you get the Tango, plus the two attachments. They are all body safe and with the Tango motor in tow they are very powerful.

We-Vibe Pleasure Collection - $169.00

pleasure-collection-vertical-2-blog size

 Key by Jopen Comet II

When the Comet was simply a dildo (and a very glamourous dildo too), many raved about its ability to produce fantastic orgasms. There was even some mention of squirting amongst some of the reviewers. No doubt Jopen knew they were onto a good thing as it has not taken long for the Comet II to appear. This version is the same size and shape as the original, but with the added feature of vibrations. The Comet has a lovely curved shape with a bulbous end, and it absolutely perfect for g-spot stimulation.

Key by Jopen Comet II - $109.00

comet 2 blog size

Lelo Gigi 2

This fantastic toy has long been a favourite due to its flat tip which is perfect for internal stimulation. The Gigi has been around for some time and it was due for an update. Lelo have kept the same shape and design but just added a few more features to make it a little more user friendly. The first is more power, which is a given. Very rarely do you hear people saying that they wish their vibrator had less power. The other added feature is that the Gigi 2 is now completely waterproof. We love waterproof toys (and the majority are these days so for the price of the Gigi it is really an expectation) mainly because it makes them easy to clean, oh and you can use it in the bath if you like too.

Lelo Gigi 2 - $159.00