Sliquid - Product of the Month

Every month we write a blog highlighting one of our products (or product lines). We aim to choose products which are not only popular with customers but also with reviewers around the world. And believe me some reviewers can be brutal, their approval can be very hard to attain.

So first up is Sliquid, we are specifically looking at their lubricant range. We have searched high and low and have not been able to find anyone with a bad word to say about this range of lubricants. In fact several prominent reviewers such as Hey Epiphora name it as their absolute preferred product.

So what makes Sliquid so great? Well let’s begin with the most important part, the ingredients. All Sliquid products (whether you choose from their naturals or organics line) are paraben and glycerine free. So why is this important? Well glycerine is essentially a sugar and its use in a lubricant can lead to yeast infections, which I am sure we are all keen to avoid. The lovely people at Sliquid especially formed the original product for women who were pre-disposed to yeast infections and UTI’s.

And the parabens? Parabens are a preservative which have been used in many products. Recent research has shown (not yet conclusively I might add) that parabens may not be as safe as first thought and therefore Sliquid have chosen not to use them as a preservative. In fact they use the minimal amount of preservative possible.

What else, well it is hard to define but the feedback that we have received is that Sliquid products don’t smell or taste funny. In fact most of the line is taste and odour free. It is also thick enough to stay put, but not so thick that it becomes jelly like. The products are not too sticky, they don’t stain your sheets/clothes and they feel fantastic and last a long time. What more could you want.

The other great thing about Sliquid is that there is a great selection of products to choose from. There is the original H2O water based lubricant which was the first product, Silk which is a water/silicone hybrid, Oceanics which, you guessed it has a seaweed influence. Then there is their Organics line which is just as great as their Naturals line except that all of the ingredients are organic.

So to sum it all up Sliquid has a fantastic range of lubricants which everyone seems to rave about, us included!