Does Size Really Matter

Um where is the clitoris again?

Ok, so the context of this blog is external vibrators, in other words those designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, pure and simple. But, which one is best? The answer is very simple too, although I know you are all going to hate it. It really depends on what you like (or what you think you are going to like).

Now, I know that this is not much help for those seeking out the best possible vibrator that they can find, but the fact is we are all different. Some can only reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation in which case size is not really going to matter at all. What matters here is the power, and the shape.

Let’s talk about power first. For some, the more intense the better, they need strong vibrations and they like them fast. For others this may well numb all sensation and they might prefer something deep and rumbly but not so overpowering that the vibrations can be felt the whole way up their arm.

How about shape, why does this matter? Well are you seeking clitoral stimulation for those times when you are alone, or is this something that you would rather your partner assist you with? If it is the latter are you looking to have penetrative sex at the same time? This is a very important consideration as sometimes things can, well get in the way. Have I asked enough personal questions yet?

So based on all of the above here are some of our recommendations for external stimulation.

Power all the way: If it is power you are after then your best bet is a mains powered item like the Bodywand Original Japanese Massager. Alternatively the Lelo Smart Wands and the Vibratex Magic Massagers are also extremely powerful but not mains powered. The downside of these is that while they will vibrate every part of you (including most of your arm), they are large and reasonably cumbersome.

Fits in the palm of your hand: There are some lovely clitoral stimulators which sit firmly in your palm and are great to be used alone or with a partner. These include the Fun Factory LayaspotSpirit by Leaf and Lelo’s Siri. We-vibe also have an excellent clitoral stimulator in the We-vibe Touch (rated highly by many reviewers).

The last category, of a great stimulator to use whilst having sex at the same time, is a bit more difficult to select. Of course the ultimate are the couples vibes such as the We-vibe, but this is not so good if all you are after is external stimulation. What is required here is a bit of experimentation with your partner. You might be able to find a position which works for you which also allows you to use a toy for external stimulation. What works best here is a smallish toy with a sculpted tip such as the Lelo Mia or the We-vibe Tango.

So I will leave you with that information to ponder and meanwhile I had better consider the title question in relation to penetrative toys, now that is another matter entirely.