Simply Vibrators launches new filtering to enhance website usability

I know I want a vibrator, but which one? We have enhanced our website usability in an attempt to help.

We are always trying to make things easier for our customers, especially those who come to the site not necessarily knowing what they are looking for. Simply Vibrators has one of the largest collections of body safe vibrators in Australia. This is great if you know what you want, for example the We-vibe 4 in purple. It is not so great if you are after something waterproof, rechargeable, reasonably priced and any colour but pink!

So in an attempt to help, SV has recently launched a new website filter function on product category pages. Customers will now be able to filter their page products results using multiple product attributes. The attributes which customers will be able to select from are wide ranging, yet will hopefully narrow down the search enough for to be able to find the perfect product. Some of the features which you will be able to select from include price range, warranty, material, colour, brand, power source and safety features.

To give an example Kelly visits our site, she currently has a vibrator which was bought as a joke years ago. She has used it a couple of times (once she stopped laughing) and while it was fun, she found the product to be bulky, noisy, went through batteries really quickly and had a funny plastic smell which indicated that it might not have been made from the highest quality materials.

Kelly is in the market for a new product, and while she still doesn't really know what she wants, her previous experience has meant that she knows some of the things that she doesn't want. She begins her search in the classic category. Kelly hated having to change batteries on her old vibrator, so step one is to only select products which are rechargeable. Her second step is to select anything made from silicone as she recalls reading somewhere that this is a very safe material. Price wise, Kelly is prepared to spend a bit if it will last so she selects the $100-$199 option. By carefully selection  Kelly has narrowed her search from 60 + products down to 7.

The new filtering allows the customer to find what their looking for faster and easier than previously. Customers will still be able to select products category and the new filter functionality will also work from within a category. The existing powerful full-text search function at the top of each page remains unchanged.

To check-out the new product filtering see