You say Sex Toys and I say really?

I know that many have written on this subject but I still thought “hey why not add my two cents” (or sense maybe) in as well. What words should we, and do we use to describe the wondrous array of products that we sell. When we started the site we thought that we would get straight to the point and that is how we came up with the name Simply Vibrators. The idea being that we would only specialise in sex toys of the vibrating kind, plus a few accessories that really complement the products.

So if you are in Australia and searching specifically for a vibrator you should be able to find us pretty easily. And we strive to have as many body safe vibrators as possible with a list that is growing astronomically, there are so many new products entering the market that it is difficult to keep up.

However, what if you are not sure what you want? Or perhaps you are unsure about googling a term that is too explicit for fear of what you might find (well justified fears I might add, you can imagine what a friend of mine discovered when she typed in the phrase ‘big cock’ – to be clear she was looking at purchasing a rooster for her chooks, but that is another story altogether).

So I thought I would explore some of the terms which are used, how they are used, and really how you don’t have to use them at all if you are looking for an excellent vibrator, just type in Simply Vibrators and look no further.

Sex Toys – This is one of the most searched terms within the industry and with good reason. It is a pretty apt description of most of the products out there. They are toys intended for use during, before or after sex. The only problem is that it is a very broad term, which is probably why a lot of people start with it. But is can also lead to an information overload. Odds are if you search for this term and go to the first few sites you can find anything from nipple clamps to butt plugs, S&M equipment to scarily life like sex dolls. This is great if you are browsing for fun or to explore a little, but it can make life hard if all you are after is a discreet vibrator which will hopefully reach your g-spot.

This brings us to a more subtle phrase, adult products or adult toys. Many people use this term in the belief that it is a little less explicit that the term sex toys. It may be a more discreet term, but you will come up with pretty much the same sorts of sites and pages. Which again is great for some browsing but you might not want to view an explicit picture of a woman being hog tied on your first visit to a site.

Moving a little more upmarket, a term which is becoming more frequent as the market changes is ‘luxury pleasure objects’. This is the phrase which Lelo used to describe its products, and it is obvious what market they are attempting to appeal to. In fact, if you search for this term specifically you will probably get a whole lot of different sites, but they will all be promoting a Lelo product. I know some don’t like this phrase but I don’t mind it. If you are already familiar with Lelo you will know the term, but all in all if you were overheard saying that you had bought a new ‘luxury pleasure object’ most people would have no idea what you referring to.

Another phrase which is gaining popularity is Intimate Toys. This is one for those who again feel a little unsure about typing the word sex into their search engine. But, as with so many of the terms you pretty much come up with the same sort of products.

Marital Aids is one of those odd phrases and I must admit that for some reason it makes me feel uncomfortable. I have no idea why but let’s just say that I put it in the same category as the word panties. I think this is due to the fact that I think of it as an American term, rather than an Australian one. Strangely enough when I googles the term marital aids I came up with some sites which had far kinkier toys than when I googled sex toys. So it just goes to show!

Well I think that I have probably wasted a good 5 minutes of your life on a blog which a little interesting, but not all that important in the scheme of things. If you can think of any other terms which refer to the world of sex toys, please let me know.