'New Generation' sex toys, are they for me?

Sex toys have changed dramatically over the last few years, they are sleeker, shinier and much, much more discreet.

I got to thinking about the shift in the manufacture of sex toys Recently. This occurred after reading an article about how the Je Joue Mimi was voted the favourite sex toy amongst 100 lucky British women who were asked to test out a range of ‘new generation’ sex toys.

The entire article, which was written by Good Housekeeping can be found here, looked at the popularity of vibrators and whether or not women would be more willing to buy the newer look models. Now obviously a group of 100 women is not a huge sample but it large enough for a reasonable response. Unfortunately the article doesn’t mention how many toys the participants were given to test. However, judging from the tone it seems that they were all very discreet, modern looking toys and none of them were particularly phallic.

There were both singles and couples who were asked to rate the sex toys, and as I mentioned the Mimi came in first. The favourite toy amongst the couples group was the Lelo Tiani 3. Meanwhile, the Leaf Vitality + was voted the best ‘all rounder’ which I am guessing is code for can be used internally or externally.

The article then goes on to state that “62% of women would not be embarrassed to own one of the new look vibrators”. It is difficult to guess whether or not those 62% would still have purchased an old style vibrator and just be embarrassed, or if these women are new consumers. Either way it is good news for women and retailers everywhere.

The article does qualify this slightly by saying that “90% of women said they were more likely to buy a vibrator than they used to be” but these are very subjective terms. And we know from previous research that certainly more that 10% of the female population own a vibrator.

This move towards more discreet toys is certainly gaining huge momentum. And while I must state that it is not a new trend, Lelo have been making beautiful looking toys for over 10 years now, just about every sex toy manufacturer now has several lines of curved, smooth silicone vibrators. For example the Key line from Jopen and the Entice range from California Exotic Novelties.

The primary benefit of this is that body safe, rechargeable toys are now not as expensive as they used to be. If you are looking for something for the first time, you can generally find a reasonably priced product to see if you like it before moving onto the more expensive brands. However, like most things you do get what you pay for. Whilst there are certainly some expensive duds out there, you will find that you do get a better product if you pay more for it.

The other advantage that you get with some of the more expensive products is the security of a warranty. The majority of products that we stock priced over $100 do come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Even some of the less expensive brands such as Key and Picobong are now offering a 12 month warranty period. It is worth their while doing this as the market has become so competitive that everyone is looking for an edge.

So how do I tell if this is the right vibrator for me? And why should I buy a new generation sex toy? These are very difficult questions to answer. Certainly if discretion if what you are after you are probably better of buying a Lelo Mona 2 rather than a flesh coloured dildo based on James Deen’s cock. And this was one of our first priorities when we developed out site (discretion, not James Deen’s appendage). There are a million sites out there that sell just about every sex toy imaginable, so we wanted to focus on the more discreet, friendly toys.

That being said, the amount of discreet body safe toys is growing exponentially. We find ourselves regularly assessing new products and more often than not, they would fit the feel of our site. To help you we do have a great filtering capability which let you choose which features are important you. We have also selected ten products which independent reviewers have all loved. You can always check out our best selling products. This usually provides an indication of which products are successful and reliable.

In addition to this we also love feedback from you. There have been rare occasions where a distributor has told us that a product is fantastic, but we then hear from our customers that they have not performed well and we make the choice to remove them. Likewise we have had products where the manufacturers have claimed that they are body safe, but a customer has opened the product and discovered a horrible plastic smell. If you have any doubts that a product is not what it claims to be upon opening PLEASE let us know. We will reassess it immediately and find a new vibrator for you.

So apologies that this blog has not really ended up where I intended it to, I was actually going to talk specifically about clitoral toys and have gone in a completely different direction! To summarise, things have changed and for the better. If you want a body safe, discreet toy you are now well and truly spoiled for choice. And if you do have questions or need advice, let us know. We are here to help.