Lelo Luna Beads - Product of the Month

Lelo Luna Beads Product Highlight

50 Shades of Grey has a lot to answer for. And in so many ways that I cannot begin to go into here, so I am going to focus on one. The balls! Now there are many different names that these wonderful toys have so I have listed a few below to attempt to avoid confusion:

Ben Wa Balls, Pleasure Balls, Kegel Balls, Kegel exercisers, Lovers beads, Pleasure Beads

And the list goes on. There are two main functions for these wonderful inventions, and believe me they are wonderful, every woman should own a pair. The first is purely for reasons of health. Most women will have a problem with their pelvic floor at some point in their lives, especially those who have been pregnant. As I have written before leaking is generally not fun. One of the best ways to exercise these muscles is to use balls like the wonderful Luna Beads from Lelo.


This brings me to the next use of the balls – for pleasure. The general premise is that when inserted the balls roll around inside hitting all of those wonderful erogenous spots and making you horny as hell. Which is why they are such a wonderful toy for foreplay.

So what is so special about the Luna Beads I hear you ask? They are certainly not the cheapest product on the market and aren't all the products the same? Well yes and no. If you want to go for the cheapest option you can usually find some non-descript balls for around $10 at your local sex toy shop. Many online companies give them away as free gifts. The problem is that they are usually made of suspect plastic material which is not really want you want inside you for extended periods of time.

Luna Beads are made from body safe ABS plastic and they are completely non porous (a must when it comes to adult products). They are not too big, around the size of those super bouncy balls. The plastic covering is clear on the outside, but inside you can see that there are two pink balls and two blue balls. These balls are weighted and sit inside the bigger ABS balls. If you roll them around in your hands you will find that the inner balls gently rock within the outer ones. This is one of the factors that makes the Luna Beads so great.

The beads come in two different colours to allow you to differentiate the weights. The pink ones are sightly lighter than the blue. This allows you to gradually build up your muscles (or tolerance). Luna Beads provide the option to mix and match as you see fit. Start with the two pink balls and work your way up to the two blue ones.

It is helpful to use a good body safe lubricant when inserting the beads, and as they are made from ABS you can choose a silicone lubricant like the Sliquid Silk hybrid. The sensation may take a little getting used to, but once you feel comfortable they are wonderful. You can wear the Luna Beads anywhere, around the house, to the shops, out to dinner, as long as you think that you can handle it!