How Many We-vibes Are There Now?

What’s up with We-vibe? An update on all the relaunches and product updates. We-vibe have relaunched quite a few of their products recently. This is mostly good news (and a little bit of bad news), but as there are a few changes and as we are still stocking some of the older products, I thought I would take you through the changes step by step! We-Vibe 4 The newest version of this top selling couples toy was introduced at the end of last year. The new version is slightly smaller, more powerful, a slightly different shape and is made from new matte silicone rather than the shiny silicone of old. Fantastic to use it comes with a remote control, is completely waterproof and is a guaranteed hit for both partners.

The changes to this version of the toy are great. The silicone is the smooth buttery type and as you will probably note, I am a big fan of the fact that it no longer attracts dust and fluff by the tonne. The redesign of the shape is also a major improvement. As it is slightly smaller, it is much more comfortable to wear. In addition to this, the curve is now tighter that the previous versions, this means that it stays where you want it to a little more easily. The other minor change (which actually makes a big difference) is that the position of the control button has been moved very slightly. The reason this change is such a big improvement is because it makes the button easier to reach when you are wearing the device. We-Vibe 3 My understanding is that this toy is going to gradually be phased out (I guess there are only so many We-Vibes you can have). So we say farewell to this version. We are still selling our remaining stock on the site, so if you are quick you may be able to pick up one of these at a discounted price. I suspect that the reason this has been discontinued is that for those willing to spend on the deluxe version the We-Vibe 4 is so much improved that it would be pointless to sell the 3 alongside it. For those looking for a cheaper version – just keep reading. Full range of we-vibe We-Vibe II This toy has been relaunched as the We-Vibe II Plus (please don’t ask why this one has roman numerals and the others don’t it is just the way it is!). This upgraded version has 30% more power than its predecessor, is 100% waterproof, charges in 3 hours via a USB base. It also has all of the other great features that you would expect. It is still the original We-Vibe shape and is made from the super shiny (fluff attracting) silicone. However, note that this adult toy does not come with a remote. If this is a feature that is important to you the 4 is the one to go for. Oh, and one more thing – it now only comes in purple. We-Vibe Tango OK so this is the sad news. The Salsa has been discontinued and the Tango relaunched. This bullet shaped vibrator has a lipstick tip and is one of the most powerful clitoral vibrators around. This new version is slightly longer and wider than the first (but only just a couple of millimetres). Tango Render BlueThe vibrations are incredibly deep and rumbly and they are enhanced by the fact that this is one of the few toys that is not covered with silicone. This means that there is no dampening of the vibrations. Don’t worry this is still a body safe product, made from phthalate free PC ABS thermoplastic. It is also non-porous. It is still very quiet, powerful and completely waterproof. The colours have changed, you only have a choice of pink of blue. The other change is that the Tango is now charged via a USB port rather than the magnetic charge of the original. We-Vibe Salsa As mentioned above this lovely vibe is no more. However, we do still have a few in stock. Be quick. We-Vibe Touch I love this toy, it is easy to use and incredibly powerful. Not a lot has changed in this update, but all additions are positive ones. The first change is that the Touch is no longer made from the shiny, slightly sticky silicone. The material is now the same matte silicone used for the We-Vibe 4. The vibrator is now charged via a USB cable instead of the magnetic charging port. In addition to this there is a light indicator which lets you know when the toy needs recharging. Everything else is pretty much the same except for the fact that, like the We-Vibe II Plus, the Touch now only comes in purple. Which I must admit makes me a little sad as I am over pink and purple and I did love the teal! Touch Purple Render QuarterThat pretty much sums up the changes. As I mention above there are still some levels of old stock floating about and these may well be discounted over time, so keep an eye out for them. All in all the changes are for the better. As with all of our products if you have any questions or would like further information please give us a call or send us an email.