G-Spotting - Toys that hit the G-spot

G-spot Toys

Yes I am going to tackle the subject of the elusive g-spot, a headline topic for Cosmo and Cleo since the 70’s. Some will tell you it does not exist, others will tell you that it most certainly does. Of those that claim that is does exist some will say that they can feel it but it does not do much. Others will tell you that if you hit the g-spot it will be responsible for the most mind-blowing orgasms ever. Nothing like making those who never manage to find it completely insecure hey!

There are some who will have read in the press recently of a study which claims to prove that there is no such thing as a g-spot and certainly so such thing as a womans ability to squirt. And yet anecdotally there are thousands of women who will beg to differ on this point.

I am not really going to go into the concept of the g-spot itself, except to say if you have found it great, if you haven’t you can always have fun exploring, and if you are pretty sure that the g-spot is a myth for you well then hey aren’t we women lucky that amazing orgasm can also be achieved through clitoral stimulation. Oh and a quick pointer here, there are many women who like to experience both internal and external stimulation simultaneously (why do you think the rabbit was invented). In many cases having pressure against the front of the pelvis, where the g-spot is thought to be, whilst also stimulating the clitoris, can lead to more intense orgasms.

So we have simply highlighted a list of toys which have been designed specifically for g-spot stimulation. They can be used in conjunction with an external vibe if you choose. Please note that we are not including rabbits on this list as this is a whole different category, who would have thought that there could be so many types of vibrators available.

Lelo - I 'm going to mention the brand here as there are two vibrators in particular that have been designed to hit the spot (OK enough of the pun). The Lelo Gigi 2 and the Lelo Mona 2. There are two main differences, the Gigi is much smaller in length than the Mona and it has a flattened tip designed to sit flat against the g-spot. Whereas the Mona is much longer, and has a wider girth and a rounded end for stimulation.


Patchy Paul G5 - This is a new additional to the Fun Factory selection of toys is a bulbous toy with a tapered tip. This is a Fun, easy to use g-spotting vibrator and comes in some very cure colours (nit just pink and purple).

Je Joue Uma - Je Joue toys are great and the Uma has a special curve which makes it easier to target the g-spot for orgasm. Made from smooth silicone this toy also has a slight flex to it.

Key Comet Wand - This is the ultimate g-spot toy for many, you have a choice of the original comet which is actually a dildo rather than a vibrator, or the Comet II which is they exact same toy with a motor. Heavy and bulbous, use the right action and this toy really can provide some mind blowing orgasms.

We-Vibe Pleasure Collection - This product is a box set of three toys in one, and the power for all is provided by the hugely powerful (yet delicately petite Tango. Us the g-spot silicone cover with the Tango inside and it has a great flattened tip for stimulation. Be warned as with the Gigi 2 this is not a long toy, so if you need deep penetration to reach your g-spot it may not be the toy for you.