A guide to our discretion policy.

Discreet or discrete? A good question with a very simple answer, in regards to our site it should always be discreet (discrete is a word which should only ever be used by lawyers). Further questions that we often get asked are how discreet is your site, what do you mean by discreet and what exactly is your privacy policy. All questions which I find very difficult to answer succinctly, so instead I thought I would ramble about them for a while in a blog.

A privacy policy in incredibly important to all online sites. It can sometimes feel very impersonal buying online and people can often be very wary about the way that they purchase their goods. This is completely understandable.

Given this I am not going to go into details here about SSL layers and encryption for credit card purchases except to say that when it comes to online security we enable the highest levels possible. Our technical people have ensured that this is the case, and our bank would not allow us to use their credit card system if it were not.

No, instead in this blog I am going to bore you with the lengths we go to, to ensure that your purchase is as discreet as humanly possible. Discreet purchasing is slightly different to privacy. All websites should be making the utmost efforts to ensure that all of your details are kept private online whether you are purchasing groceries, electronics or fashion, and as mentioned above we are no different in this area.

However, an extra level of discretion is expected when you are purchasing adult products. The majority of people are not going to be too concerned if there is a parcel from Country Road sitting on their doorstep all day, they might however be a little less enamoured with the idea of a package with Simply Vibrators written on the front arriving for all to see.


So this is one of the most important steps we take to ensure that no eyebrows are raised when your package arrives. We wrap all products in plain brown paper (boring I know, but we recycle and this is the most environmentally friendly method we could find). We then wrap the package in bubble wrap (yes we are aware that this completely contradicts our previous statement in regards to the environment, BUT not all vibrator boxes are sturdy and we would not want your product to arrive damaged).

Your item is then placed in a generic Australia post satchel, either express or parcel post plus. These are the same satchels that nearly every single other company uses and are not distinguishable in any way. Your address will be on the front, and on the back the address used is our business name and address. The name used is Regenerate Her, which has absolutely no connection to what might be inside you parcel at all.

You will also notice when you receive your package that there is a sticker on the front which says ‘Do Not Safe Drop’, and that your package may have been left at the Post Office, not on your doorstep. We do acknowledge that this can be annoying for some people, especially if your home is well protected and that parcels can be left without any issues.

We did think long and hard about whether or not to take this step, but did so based on the advice of the lovely people at our local post office. They suggested that it is a good step to take to ensure that parcels do not go missing, as someone must collect them in  person. We also took into consideration the fact that many of the items we stock can be quite expensive and we wanted to make sure that they made it to our customers securely.

If you are worries about the delivery of your parcel, or someone else taking your card to the Post Office, you can select the 'signature on delivery option' when checking out. This means that only the person whose name is on the parcel can sign for the item being delivered.


Another very important consideration is how your account will be itemised when you purchase from us.  If it is crucial to you that there is absolutely no mention of the name Simply Vibrators on any of your statements then the following two methods are the best choices.

Paypal – if you purchase using Paypal, the payment will go to Regenerate Her and the items will be listed as ‘personal accessories’. We also have the option of using Paypal express if you choose. The advantage of using this is that Paypal should have all of your contact and address details on file which means that you do not have to re-type all of these details into our system.

You can also pay with Paypal without registering, this means that you don’t actually use a Paypal account, but that you simply use Paypal with your existing credit card. Paypal also guarantee your purchase.

Direct Deposit – If you choose this method, you simply pay the funds directly into our account (named Regenerate Her), and you select which reference name you would like to use.

Great I hear you thinking but what about good old fashioned credit cards. Yes we accept them, and yes they are just as secure as every other method. However, they are not the most discreet form of payment which we offer and if you can bear with me a moment I will explain why.

When we started Simply Vibrators we knew that although we strove to be a positive, friendly, nude and sleaze free site there would always be customers who did not want the word vibrator mentioned in any way to do with their purchase. We absolutely understood this and spoke to our bank about using the company name Regenerate Her on credit card statements.

To our surprise they said no. Their argument (and again it is one we understand) is that people are very concerned about credit card fraud these days. For that reason to provide online payment services the trading name of the company must be as close as possible to the name of the website. This way consumers are familiar with the name that appears on their statement and do not call their credit card company saying “I spent $200 online with a company which I have never heard of, it must be incorrect”. Yes we acknowledge that this might be highly inconvenient for some, and apologise in advance. But as mentioned above, the two alternative payment methods of Paypal and Direct Deposit are both highly discreet.

So thank you for those who have read through the end, I hope that it provides a little more information on how we have tried to make our business as discreet as possible. If you have any questions, as always, please do not hesitate to contact us!