Couples Vibrators

Are Vibrators for Two a Match Made in Heaven?

One of the more exciting innovations in the world of vibrators recently has been the introduction of ‘couples vibrators’. This wonderful products have been received enthusiastically by consumers, not in the least because at last there is a sex toy which can lead to that much revered simultaneous orgasm!

So what exactly is a couples vibrator? Well I think that we have to acknowledge the wonderful people at We-Vibe in the first instance as this amazing toy really was the first commercially successful couples vibrator. In essence the idea behind the We-vibe was to create a product which could provide clitoral and g-spot stimulation whilst also experiencing penetrative sex. And we have not looked back since.

Now I am sure there are many who upon looking that the We-vibe for the first time have had a stream of thoughts along the lines of huh? how does that work? that bit goes where? how on earth is my amazingly huge willy going to fit alongside that contraption (I think you can guess whose comment that is). So to summarise - we have a smallish, kind of U-shaped toy with a smaller insertable end (for the g-spot) and a slightly larger bulge on the other end of the U (for the clitoris). The toys is small enough that your partner can also fit snugly inside at the same time – does this make sense? If not why not go straight to the product page and have a better look.
Now due to the amazing success of the We-vibe it is not surprising that others have decided to have a go at this. Lelo now have the amazing Tiani 2 which differs in that it is made of a slightly smoother silicone and there is a curve shape to the inner side of the vibrator which can make things slightly more comfortable. That having been said there are many who prefer the original slightly stickier We-vibe – it does tend to stay put slightly better. Both the Tiani 2 and the We-vibe 3 come with remote controls which makes things much easier too.
Lelo also have the Noa which is a slightly less sophisticated vibrator. The Noa has a cheaper price point and does not have quite as much functionality as they Tiani. PicoBong also have a couples vibrator the Mahana which is a nice silicone product but has the disadvantage of not being rechargeable.

I will make mention here of the Zini Deux which is also a ‘his and hers’ vibrator. The difference with this product is that it is not designed for use during intercourse. Rather it is a cleverly designed egg which has two vibrating sections, one which can be used to stimulate her, and another, you guessed it which can be used to stimulate him.

And one last word for the good old fashioned cock ring, which I guess really is the original couples toy. There are not many great cock rings available which also vibrate, such as Lelo’s Tor or Oden. These have the amazing ability to lengthen your session time as well as providing vibrating clitoral stimulation for her.

So couples – go forth and be merry, preferably with a little assistance!