A Case For Lubrication - Do you really need a lubricant?

OK so I will admit to being fairly new when it comes to the topic of lubrication. I blame this on one of my high school friends. In the early 90’s this particular acquaintance took a part time job at a condom shop.

I don’t recall what is was called, something along the lines of Condom World or CondomMania, it was a chain and a fairly gimmicky sort of establishment. It was not an adult shop, nut still dodgy enough to make me apprehensive enough about entering. Yet still my naive 17 year old self walked through the doors to visit my friend and check out the shops wares. After having a look around with another friend and having a good giggle at the products we were encouraged to try some of the lubricant. They had a taste before you buy policy. It may have been that I was misguided in my flavour selection (banana) or the fact that the product was sold in a help yourself fashion from 30 litre bottles, but this first experience was needless to say a disappointing one.  The lubricant tasted awful, saccharine and sticky and I could not comprehend why the product would be required or desired.


Well fast forward a decade or so and I suddenly discovered the joys of lubricant. It had not gone unnoticed in those years, I recall seeing KY Jelly on the supermarket shelves and read about it in Cleo and Cosmo, but it was not until my post baby body decided it needed a little assistance in that area that I began taking lubricant far more seriously. The first lubricant we tried was bought by my partner who came home with the most expensive one that our local supermarket had to offer. It was beautifully packaged and contained not one but two bottles, one for him and one for her. Mine was the warming one, and it pretty much did what it said - it was warm (although a totally different warming feeling to the one experienced after my partner decided to get amorous after forgetting that he had de-seeded chillies several hours earlier, but that’s another story). That lubricant was going well until I accidentally left the little cap ajar when travelling, a word of advice, make sure the lid is on removing lubricant from all of your toiletries is not fun. Since then we have discovered a few flavours, peppermint has proved a winner, strawberry is good, although I am yet to be brave enough to give banana another go. Lubricants have also moved with the times and you can go space aged silicone if you desire, be warned silicone is great because it is not sticky but it is not for use with all toys. So I anticipate that as one get older and if more children are to join our family that lubricant will probably be here to stay.