6 Tips for Getting Sexy this Summer

I am not sure what it is, the sun, the water, the hormones or the heat but there is something about this time of year that makes people want to get their groove on a little more than during the winter months. So here a few tips and ideas about how to combine the sunshine and your sex life.

  1. Get Outside – One big caveat here, please try to do this at home. While it might be great for you and your partner the families at the local park are probably not going to be thrilled by the sight of you going at it while they are trying to have a picnic, walk the dog, play with the kids etc.
  2. Get Wet – yes, that’s right literally and physically. Pools, spas, showers or even a sprinkler water adds an extra element to sex, and it is a great way to ensure that you don’t get too hot and sweaty. And why not include one of our sexy waterproof toys into the mix, like the Lelo Mona.
  3. Cool down – why not include some ice or something else cold into your foreplay. Alternatively there are some fantastic cooling lubricants available which can be used to make things very interesting. Try Fun Factory Cooling Gel.
  4. Candlelight – those hot summer nights are perfect for indulging in a luxurious massage with your partner. Choose a light massage oil, or even a massage candle - these great products provide light, a great smell and then melt into a beautiful pool of massage oil. Jimmyjane have a particularly luxurious candle here.
  5. Take a holiday – even if it is a just for one night, getting away into a new environment can be an exciting new experience. Make sure that you don’t follow any of the sex routines that you may have become stuck in at home.
  6. Enjoy yourself – This is always the most important tip when it comes to sex, you and your partner should be enjoying yourselves and the closeness that is part and parcel of the act. Sex is an integral part of all relationships and it should always be fun!