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  1. Vaginas


    Yes, Vaginas are very important, and there is always more that we can learn about them. The Huffington Post has published this great article entitled '7 Things Men Should Know About Vagina's To Make Sex Great Again'.  We would also like to add that selecting the right sex toy can also help your partner to explore your vagina as well!

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  2. Does the G-spot exist

    Does the G-spot exist

    There has been a lot of publicity regarding the g-spot over the last 40 years or so. Countless magazines have been purchased based on articles discussing whether the g-spot is a myth or reality. Our view is that everyone is different. If you have found it and it brings you pleasure then fantastic. However, if you can't find it don't stress out too much. Research has shown that the most powerful orgasms tend to be those of the clitoral variety. A discreet massager can always help with these, as can your partner! Have a look at our facebook page for a great link to a recent article on the g-spot. And if you are after a discreet massager you can browse our fantastic selection here. If you do like g-spot stimulation, one of our best products is the new Prism V from L'amourose. The reviewers love it.

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  3. Simply Vibrators News

    Simply Vibrators News

    Welcome to our News column. We will keep you informed on all the latest news and information regarding adult toy vibrators and accessories. This news section will be an ongoing part of our new website that has just been launched by Simply Vibrators. 

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