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  1. Touch Me, Touch Me Now!

    Touch Me, Touch Me Now!

    The feature product this month is the amazing We-Vibe Touch

    So, I have to admit to this being my favourite toy, it is precise, powerful, easy to use and clean and boy does it get the job done. If there is a downside to using the Touch it is that things are usually over reasonably quickly. I guess that this can be a pro or con depending on where you are coming from (excuse the pun). And remember this is one person’s experience, as we all know everyone is different. But for me the We-Vibe Touch is my go to toy if and quick and easy orgasm is what I am after. And after having read many a review of this vibrator, it appears that I am not alone in this opinion.

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  2. 'New Generation' sex toys, are they for me?

    'New Generation' sex toys, are they for me?

    Sex toys have changed dramatically over the last few years, they are sleeker, shinier and much, much more discreet.

    I got to thinking about the shift in the manufacture of sex toys Recently. This occurred after reading an article about how the Je Joue Mimi was voted the favourite sex toy amongst 100 lucky British women who were asked to test out a range of ‘new generation’ sex toys.

    The entire article, which was written by Good Housekeeping can be found here, looked at the popularity of vibrators and whether or not women would be more willing to buy the newer look models. Now obviously a group of 100 women is not a huge sample but it large enough for a reasonable response. Unfortunately the article doesn’t mention how many toys the participants were given to test. However, judging from the tone it seems that they were all very discreet, modern looking toys and none of them were particularly phallic.

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