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  1. Does Size Really Matter

    Does Size Really Matter

    Um where is the clitoris again?

    Ok, so the context of this blog is external vibrators, in other words those designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, pure and simple. But, which one is best? The answer is very simple too, although I know you are all going to hate it. It really depends on what you like (or what you think you are going to like).

    Now, I know that this is not much help for those seeking out the best possible vibrator that they can find, but the fact is we are all different. Some can only reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation in which case size is not really going to matter at all. What matters here is the power, and the shape.

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  2. Christmas Gift Packs at Simply Vibrators

    Christmas Gift Packs at Simply Vibrators

    It’s Christmas Time, and we have decided to make the season that much more merrier with the addition of some great Christmas packs to our product line.

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