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  1. A storm in a vibrator?

    A storm in a vibrator?

    Woolworths, that wonderful supermarket had decided to stock vibrator then, after a few complaints, decided to unstock them (if that is a word?)

    This brings up a few issues, none of which are of national concern but interesting to a few of us. Of course for on line retailers for us this is good news, the less competition the better, OR would the fact that vibrators have become so mainstream that woollies are stocking them be great for everyone in the industry?

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  2. Cunninglingus, anyone?

    Cunninglingus, anyone?

    Ladies do we really need another reason to dislike Michael Douglas

    As you may have read recently Michael Douglas has recently announced that his cancer was caused by the HP virus which is common in over 90% of the population*. Now this may well be the case, but I fear that Michael has not done the women of the world any favours by announcing this for the following reasons.

    1. How good an excuse is this for the male gender to opt out of cunninglingus altogether
    2. Apparently this is only an issue for those loving women in a special way not loving men in that same special way (if you get my meaning)
    3. Michael has been well known to be a man of excess over time

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